2 thoughts on “Our Common Future — The Bruntland Report, 1987

  1. Back then some news media reported that when Mrs. Brundtland presented “Our Common Future” to a conference of African nations heads, she stated that as their nations were poor they would be unable to implement the salient points of her report. I am no more aware of the exact details of those report, but just as a reference to Prout’s principle of decentralized planning.


    1. The report stated: We will have a proposal for very harsh, quasi-spiritual ecological laws for MOTHER EARTH. A MOTHER EARTH COMES FIRST mentality will arise throughout the world.”

      When James Baker made his keynote speech in 1987, he stated that: “no longer will the World Bank carry this debt unsecured. The only assets we have to collateralize are federal lands and national parks, Baker’s definition of federal lands includes Heritage sites, … & … they are being added on a regular basis. *** While [U.S] Heritage sites take in quite a large amount of territory, such as Yellowstone National Park and Mesa Verde, the Grand Canyon and the Everglades, other countries have much greater areas. Brazil for example has the Amazon Conservation Complex and Canada has the Canadian Rocky Mountain Parks. … the list includes 851 properties in 141 countries, comprising over one/ third of the earth’s land mass. Will all this land collateralize the world’s debt? Probably not, so along comes NAIS (the National Animal Identification System).

      According to the United States Department of Agriculture, The first step in implementing a national animal identification system (NAIS) is identifying and registering “premises” that are associated with the animal agriculture industry. In terms of the NAIS, a “premise” is any geographically unique location in which agricultural animals are raised, held, or boarded. Under this definition, farms, ranches, feed-yards, auction barns and livestock exhibitions and fair sites are all examples of premises. That may be the definition some government bureaucrat will give you, but the word premises under the international Criminal Court Act 2002- Sect 4, states: The word “premises” includes a place and a “conveyance” ; Why check with the International Criminal Court Act? Because on June 8, 2007 under Secy. of Ag. Bruce Knight, speaking at the World Pork Expo in Des Moines, is quoted as saying, “We have to live by the same international rules we’re expecting other people to do . . . Genesis 47:21 states the end of the process; “And as for the people, he removed them to the cities and made slaves of them” ( the Pharoah) https://newswithviews.com/brownfield/brownfield59.htm


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