Our Cosmic Society Journal

Articles to Be Published in Our Cosmic Society Journal

  • Adrian Klein, Can Extended Human Genome Explain Personality Structures?
  • Dhanjoo Ghista, Vision of Neohumanist Education and Neohumanism Rural University
  • Dhanjoo Ghista, Developing a Holistic STEM Education Program and Courses for Public Schools (in US and worldwide)
  • Adrien Klein, Karmic Law — A Synoptic Approach
  • Steven Richheimer, The Tantric Theory of Creation
  • Ronald Logan, Mahasambhuti Prabhat Ranjan Sarkar’s Mission, to Lay the Foundations for an Ideal Society
  • Alexander Laszlo, Toward a New Paradigm in Cosmology
  • Dhanjoo Ghista, Richard Gauthier and Michael Towsey, The Cosmic Cycle and Microvita–A New Holistic Paradigm for Science
  • Adrian Klein, A Hyperdimensional Information-Driven and Subquantum-Inspired Cosmology
  • Steven Richheimer, Is There Scientific Evidence for Reincarnation?
  • Ediho Lokanga, Insight into the Understanding of Consciousness in Bantu Cosmology
  • Suresh Emre, Fundamental Physics in the 21st Century
  • Richard Gauthier, Big Bangs Created by Univon Particles from a Conscious Quantum Field – Towards the Next Scientific Revolution
  • Adrian Klein and Robert Neil Boyd, A Post-Materialist Paradigmatic Shift: Toward a New, Subquantum-Inspired Description of Sentient Reality
  • Dhanjoo Ghista, Vision of Our 21st Century University
  • Ronald Logan, Fundamentals of PROUT
  • Dhanjoo Ghista, School of Women’s Rights and Roles, in Universities: To Develop a More Dignified and Civilized World

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